Why the food you eat is making you ill (And what to do about it!)


Ever wondered why you feel so tired, weak and sick all the time?


The reason why you feel like this is because your body is acidic.


What this means is that there is an excess of acid, released by food, inside of your body.


And it’s this excess acid which leads to problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, premature aging and unnatural weight gain.


You see, the biggest reason why everyone is so sick and unhappy these days is because we’re eating the wrong way. Most people are still following the old out dated food pyramid.


This includes foods such as dairy, meat and grains…


…all of which release huge amounts of acid into your body, which is disastrous (For example, acid leaches the calcium out of your bones, which can lead to osteoporosis later on in life.)


These acids slowly corrode your cells and organs, leading to all sorts of health problems.


In addition to this, they create fertile breeding grounds in which yeast, bacteria, viruses and fungi can multiply. And in order to get your health back you need to neutralize this acid and rebalance your body.


The way you do this is with an alkaline diet.


This basically means you eat foods which are Alkaline.


These include things such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbal teas. These foods are rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron copper and zinc.


They rebalance your body and minimize the amount of acid and chemicals…


…creating the optimum environment for your cells to heal and repair themselves.


All you need are 2-3 weeks on this special alkaline diet and your health will soar to new heights


Not only will eating this way make you well again, but it’s also going to prevent you from getting sick in the first place. Plus you’ll have enhanced mental clarity, undo years of damage, detoxify your body and feel better than you have in decades.


It’s a little more complex than this, but if you go here now you can watch a video which explains everything in great detail


Trust me this diet is going to make you feel incredible.


You don’t have to sleep walk through life, eating rubbish and feeling like trash the whole time.


Switch to an alkaline diet and you’ll feel amazing once again!


Watch this video now to get started